The best place for fighting metal or leader type monsters for mass amounts of EXP is metal island.

Just southwest of Yggdrasil and north of Nizana Quarry, there is a small Island that is only accessible by boat. It is the small island with the sign post on it. There you will fight nothing but Metal and leader type versions of every monster in the game. Most Rare Drops are Metal Ark stones and Ultra Rare drops are the 30 Arkstones. Depending on how you are set up, it means if everyone is equipped with both that is alot of exp if you can kill one before they run away. There are also barrels and Boulders there too. If you have dropped a little cash on the game and bought the EXP orb doubling the exp gained you can net up to 800,000-1,200,000+ EXP, it all depends on how many you can kill before you either die or they run away. The run rate is high, to give a semi estimate of the leveling capability, I spent an hour leveling here from level 76 and I am now 150+. Also the EXP after the monster is the amount you gain after killing it.

I've highlighted some of the best Enemies to fight for EXP:

How to kill metal monsters effectively Edit

If anyone has any combination of rings or any skills that are effective at killing metal monsters quickly please add them here.

  • 30 Arkstone provides fixed damage, inflicts 30 damage each normal attack.
  • Equip any weapon with crit as this is the most effective way to deal with metal monsters. Otherwise your non-crit attacks will deal one damage. Some weapons allow you to attack all enemies (Moomie Svardstav), row of enemies (Broad Knuckle), attack twice (Foil) when using normal attacks.
  • Arkstones that are valuable are the follow arkstone and the all arkstone. The all arkstone allows a normal attack to hit all monsters. If another teammate has the follow arkstone, then every enemy hit will be attacked by the teammate when the follow arkstone procs.
  • No Way Out: All enemies: Prevents from being able to flee. Unison combination Machine gun fist (Iris) + No you don't (Freya). If you have acceleration rings both equipped on Iris and Freya, then they can cast this Unison and prevent any metal monsters from fleeing.
  • Charge Strike: Single: Critical rate for NORMAL attacks 100%. Effect continues until swoon or end of battle. (BP 30) Unison combination Heavy Strike (Izayoi) + Extraction (Minerva)

Metal Island A- With the sign post Edit

  • Metal Ooze- 1970 Exp
  • Metal Moomie- 45,370 EXP
  • Metal Star Ooze (Has a Star shaped stone)-114,720 Exp
  • Dwarf Metal Muncher(Blue in color)-
  • Metal Muncher- 136,300 EXP
  • Titan Metal Ooze (Red in Color)
  • Leader Ooze (yellow in color) 2955 EXP
  • Metal Wyvern-364,040 Exp
  • Leader Wyvern-
  • Leader Metal Muncher
  • Titan Metal Wyvern
  • Full metal Moomie-158,990 EXP

Metal Island B-Next to the Island with sign post same Location Edit

  • Metal Cat- 204520 EXP
  • Full Metal Crab- 475,920 EXP
  • Metal Beast(Behemoth)-621,500 EXP
  • Star Ooze(same as from Island A)
  • Dwarf full metal Crab ( Blue Crab)
  • Titan Full metal Crab ( Red Crab)
  • Leader Metal star Ooze-
  • Leader Full Metal Crab (Yellow)
  • Leader Metal Beast

If you are looking for a decent way to stop these bad boys in their tracks and maximize the EXP, use the Unison skill Machine Gun Fist-(Iris lvl 75)+, No you Don't-(Freya lvl 80)= No way Out (All Enemies: Prevents them from being able to flee). This works great if you need time to kill the monsters before they run away.

If you can capture 2 Behemoths with double EXP, that is about 3 million EXP.

I'll leave the rest of the monsters for you to discover. Good luck!