The Forgotten Village is a place created by a divinity from another universe, Maidame Curie. 

The Maid Tickets

When you first enter the Forgotten Village, she gives you 10 Maid Tickets. You have to give them to stray Sprites to save and send them to the Forgotten Village. 

Here are their locations:

  1. Yaupon Village, near the trees, South of the village. 
  2. Klaver Village, above the inn, after you obtained the Maid Tickets. 
  3. Apricus Town, near the trees, East of the town. 
  4. Avence Town, near the trees, above the item shop. 
  5. Mapel Village, near the trees and a cat, right of the item shop. 
  6. Atlantica, Inside weapon shop 
  7. Krokos villa, Just south of the Inn/Equipment shop on the left in the trees 
  8. Fluer Ruins, Just after fighting fairy boss 
  9. Guild camp, in trees by Inn 
  10. Island Chantey, To the west of the house 

How the village develops:

  • 2 Sprites: The inn opens. 
  • 4 Sprites: The item shop opens. 
  • 5 Sprites : Weapon shop opens 

When you finish the game and get one of the three normal endings you will be able to play the same file but when you decide to accept the murk you will be able to choose an option whether to accept the murk yourself or share it among your friends, once you do that you will be able to enter the basement in the forgotten village and also be able to go to the right side in the forgotten village