There are four playable characters in Asdivine Dios.

Izayoi Edit


Izayoi portrait

  • Height: 187 cm
  • Weight: Pretty Light
  • Hobbies: Nature-watching
  • Likes: Spirit Beings
  • Dislikes: Humans
  • Appearance: 19 years old

Izayoi is the deity of Asdivine who holds tremendous power.

Izayoi is playable in the sequel game, Asdivine Menace, but is the only one out of the four members of the Asdivine Dios cast. His appearance has changed slightly, gaining bright purple highlights in his hair. In both games, Izayoi's personality is that of a pushover - he gets depressed when insulted. Izayoi is also shown to not know the meaning of love which caused him to get confused when his companions either blush or get flattered. His past involves the past shadow spirit, Yuno, he seems to be helping Him/Her in collecting souls of the dead.

Iris Edit


Iris portrait

  • Height: 154 cm
  • Weight: Who cares?
  • Hobbies: Hanging out with humans*
  • Likes: Interesting things
  • Dislikes: Serious people
  • Appearance: 16 years old

As one of the three pillars that supports Izayoi, Iris is the light spirit. Despite her youthful appearance, she is the second-eldest of the three, after Freya. She is shown to be very energetic and childish, but sometimes she acts like either Freya or Madame Curie, who gets a dark tone in their eyes when insulted. Her past life involves her to the distant past of Klaver village-Claeg village. Claeg village is undergoing drought and the only "Choice" is to sacrifice people into the spirit tree on Folia woods, presumably the past light spirit, Izayoi witnessed as Iris was sacrificed and he saw himself take the murk off her which made her the spirit she is today. She uses certain manifers or gloves in battle.

While she makes an appearance in Asdivine Menace, she is unplayable and lacks a portrait.

Minerva Edit


Minerva portrait

  • Height: 159 cm
  • Weight: Do not ask.
  • Hobbies: Looking up things
  • Likes: Informative books
  • Dislikes: Noisy people
  • Appearance: 17 years old

She is the shadow spirit of the three pillars and the youngest of the trio, she is shown to be very serious and acts nerdish sometimes. In her past life as a human, she is shown to be able to hear the "Voice" of the mountain, which is actually a spirit tree of a unknown spirit. She is labeled as a bringer of "Misfortune" and "Sadness" due to the predictions, which are always right, that she tells to the village, she died when a man, who blamed her for predicting this landslide, pushed her off of a cliff. Izayoi then comes and Minerva tries to explain how regretful and thankful she is. She uses books for weapons.

Like the rest of Asdivine Dios' playable cast, Minerva makes an appearance in Asdivine Menace, but is unplayable and lacks a portrait.

Freya Edit


Freya portrait

  • Height: 171 cm
  • Weight: Shall I punish you?
  • Hobbies: Dealing punishment
  • Likes: Nothing particular
  • Dislikes: Nothing particular
  • Appearance: 22 years old

She is the harmony spirit of the three pillars and the eldest of the trio, being over a thousand years old. Her past involves around a village near the spirit tree of Izayoi, Yggdrasil, she was able to use healing magics when it was still not known to the world. Due to her husband's death two years before, she was labeled as a "Witch" , however she cannot be exiled due to her husband's contribution to the village. After a year, children have gone missing and Freya was punished and exiled to lone island, she has cut herself deep and explains her regrets to Izayoi, before dying to where her tree stands today.

While she makes an appearance in Asdivine Menace, she is unplayable and lacks a portrait.

Keith Glory Edit

  • Appearance: 19 years old

The young, great hope of the guild, which aims to improve the world by hunting monsters. He is saved by Freya shortly before Izayoi, Iris, and Minerva find them, and becomes slightly attracted to her as a result. However, he suspects Izayoi of being behind the recent disturbances, causing him to come into conflict with the party. Most notable is his Moomie companion, Furball, who stays with him throughout the series to date. He reappears 100 years later in Asdivine Menace, due to some of Izayoi's power still residing within him (thereby extending his lifespan), this time with two great-grandchildren: Alex and Jane, who inherited his powers.

Odium Vandeil Edit

  • Appearance: 33 years old

The main antagonist of Asdivine Dios, he wanted to revive his now-deceased companions, who died during a monster attack led by two robbers, his grudge to the divine was formed when his companions died even when they took shelter in a spirit tree. He goes with his newly found companion made of murk, Izayoi's dark doppelganger Adusk, to destroy Asdivine.

Adusk Edit

A companion of Odium Vandeil, he was created as Izayoi's despise of the murk increased, and together, with Odium, he set out to destroy Asdivine.

Maidame CurieEdit

A traveler from another world, she calls Izayoi to resolve the problems in the world of Asdivine as payment for getting her trapped in the situation. She has a sister, Jolie Curie who works for the guild, the two don't seem to get along well. Maidame Curie takes the form of a maid with a dark outfit, she also sometimes becomes harsh, as seen by trying to go to the blank space to the right of the Forgotten Village. Later in the game, it is revealed that she serves as the Time Deity. Like most of the maids, she is also capable of teleportation.

She makes an appearance in Asdivine Menace with a similar role.

In the Forgotten Arena in Dios, she appears as the Level 500 boss. Depending on your difficulty, she may use a fixed attack pattern or not.

In Menace, she appears as the strongest boss in the entire game. She can be fought where the original Forgotten Arena was. It is recommended that you fight her at Level 999, or else you'll probably die instantly.